Attachment Downloads Plus

Build your download system with more feature

Attachment Downloads Plus

Attachment Downloads Plus

Xenfor version
This is a simple addon, does a very interesting task. Activate this addon,it will add two functions to xenforo attachments. Create a download page with countdownTimer and create a File list page.

  • Create attachment download page
  • Set permission can bypass download page
  • Download with countdown times.
  • Set guest can view images but can't down attachments.
  • Set ads code in download page.
  • Create attachment list page .
  • Set permission can view attachment list page .

  1. The license can be used only on one domain, so if you need to change your domain, you need to change license domain in AwesomeForo "Customer area" page.
  2. License checker is only work on install or upgrade the product.
  3. We require valid XenForo license to purchase the product. You need validation your XenForo License.


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